U.S. crude oil deposits

In addition, the issue of the US government’s shutdown is at a heated stage. Trump and the US Congress continue to clash over whether the border wall budget is approved. In other words, although next week is the Christmas holiday, black swans are more lik

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As international oil prices continue to rise, many petrochemical people have found that WTI is much cheaper than Brent. This has given many petrochemical companies, including Sinopec, an opportunity. Sinopec’s Sinopec’s Sinopec has already purchased some…

When will crude oil rise

The OPEC monthly crude oil report will be announced this evening. When the United States sanctions Iran, the OPEC monthly report will reveal whether the production reduction agreement can continue. If the monthly report releases positive news, todays oil

Crude oil price this week

On the one hand, the supply of crude oil is decreasing, on the other hand, the demand is increasing. According to Bernstein analysts, investors strong demand for cash return on investment rather than increased capital expenditures may soon be counterprodu

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In response to Iran’s vows to resume uranium enrichment, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said: Israeli ruler Khamenei has announced his intention to destroy Israel. Yesterday he explained how to do this: Unrestricted enrichment of uranium will create a n

Crude oil market value

And the crude oil trend that opened on Monday did show a further downward trend. I thought the market would try to hit the 70-line support on Monday, but thanks to the positive help brought by the OPEC monthly report, crude oil once again showed a strong

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According to an analysis of US regulatory documents by Reuters, as of the end of the first quarter, a total of four shale producers in West Texas had hedged their oil output of 100 million barrels next year, compared with 40 million at the end of the four